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Sanctions & Appraisal List


Working together in Platform Eindhoven Corporations (PEC), a collaboration of Domein, Trudo, Woonbedrijf SWS.Hhvl and Wooninc., the Eindhoven corporations have made agreements about how to deal with tenants who have caused serious nuisance or damage in the past. The point of departure is not to allow these people to automatically become eligible for a new rental property, but to wait a certain period or until certain conditions have been met.

In order to register problem tenants, collaborative corporations use a joint computer system, called the ‘Sanctions & Appraisal List’.


It occurs that corporations and their tenants are disadvantaged by tenants who due to their lifestyle have caused serious nuisance. Also there are people who have caused financial losses in the form of rent arrears or damage to the property. Finally, there are people who are guilty of wrongful actions of some other type.

The personal data of these persons are recorded in a joint list. This so-called Sanctions & Appraisal List is consulted by the corporations in order to determine whether a lease can be concluded with the listed former tenants and whether conditions should be imposed. The corporations have drawn up a Protocol for the use of this list. This protocol offers an exact description of when an former tenant is to be placed on the list, when he is to be removed and what the consequences are of being placed on the list. With this approach, the corporations wish to improve the living climate in neighbourhoods and prevent (new) loss events. Furthermore, it is important to protect the living enjoyment of nearby residents.

An additional purpose of the Sanctions & Appraisal List is to provide a clear system of sanctions and reappraisal for tenants who have caused problems in the past. The corporations which to provide the listed former tenants with clarity, treat them in a uniform manner, and prevent them from definitely falling by the wayside. At the same time, problem tenants are given an opportunity to participate in a housing supervision programme and therefore once again become eligible for a rental property.

Living up to agreements is a sign of mutual respect. Tenants may expect this from housing corporations, but the reverse is also true. By implementing the Sanctions & Appraisal List, the risks involved in entering into a new lease are signalled in time, thus limiting any negative consequences for corporations and their tenants.


The Sanctions & Appraisal List has been filed with the Data Protection Board (CBP, College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens), which has sanctioned its use. The computer system developed for recording and consulting the data is properly protected. Conditions and rules have been drawn up to ensure that the system and the list are used in a strictly confidential manner and only by the designated employees of the corporations. The Foundation Sanctions & Appraisal List Eindhoven Corporations oversees the use of the list and the applicable rules and conditions.


The recording of data only takes place by the corporation that has been disadvantaged. The degree of nuisance and/or damage determines the level of the sanction. Agreements have been made on this. There are three categories: nuisance, financial loss and other wrongful behaviour. Once the sanctions period ends, the tenant starts with a clean slate.

The decision to add an former tenant to the list is taken by the employee appointed for this purpose. That employee enters and manages the data. Data entered by another corporation cannot be changed or removed. All participating corporations can, however, consult the Sanctions & Appraisal List. Permission for this is granted to only a limited number of employees per corporation. These can then directly assess whether a lease can be concluded and whether conditions should be imposed.

The listed former tenants are informed by letter about the entry of their personal data on the Sanctions & Appraisal List. This letter also states the sanction to be imposed. This may entail that the corporation does not wish to conclude a lease for a specific time or will only do so once certain conditions have been met. This is established with the aid of the Protocol Sanctions & Appraisal List.

For those instances in which tenants do not agree with decisions made within the framework of the Sanctions & Appraisal List, the Protocol lays down Dispute Settlement Regulations. The Protocol describes how tenants can file an objection and when they can appeal to the independent disputes committee, which has been set up by Foundation Sanctions & Appraisal List Eindhoven Corporations.

What will be recorded

The Sanctions & Appraisal List contains only minimal information. The following data is recorded:

  • name and date of birth of the former tenant
  • name of the corporation that has entered the data
  • reason for entry on the list (not specified, only the category)
  • starting date of entry on the list
  • start of former tenant housing supervision programme, if applicable

The Foundation Sanctions & Appraisal List Eindhoven Corporations as set up by the PEC is established in Eindhoven (PO Box 4072, 5604 EB) and is charged with supervision of the Sanctions & Appraisal List and the applicable Protocol.

All documents can be downloaded below: